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Dr. Chang & Staff,
Thank you all for being so kind and compassionate during my routine mammogram & ultrasound. Because you all are so great at what you do, my cancer was found and I've already started my fight to beat it!! Thank you all for being so thorough & for coming to work that day!

Stacey J - Nw Kensington, PA (4/24)

Dr. Chang, I wanted to thank you and your team for the care you have provided over the years. I am especially grateful for the time and attention you provided, specifically during my last appointment on 2/6. Without your and the team's attention to detail, my stage 1b diagnosis could have been significantly worse. If I am ever in need of scans in the future, I will be sure to return. And I will always refer women to your care! Thank you again,

Angela K - Pittsburgh, PA (3/24)

I wanted to send a note of thanks & appreciation to you because of the way you treated me at my appointment on 11/15. You made a very painful (for me) situation more bearable because of your kindness. My body felt like a piece of meat, but you made *me* feel human. Thank you! I know you probably deal w/ these situations on a daily basis & could easily not see the human who is behind the "boobs." I was praying to God to let me see Him in this horrible process & He immediately sent me the image of all of you treating me with care & humanity. Keep up the amazing work!!

Heather H - Glenshaw, PA (11/23)

Thank you [Dr. Chang] for being the best doctor for me. There is no question that you have the perfect combination of care and responsibility.

Marilyn N - Pittsburgh, PA (8/23)

I just wanted to thank you [Antoinette] for always making my yearly visit so much easier. I appreciate you more than I can say, and Dr. Chang. 

Janet S - McMurray, PA (8/23)

Dr. Chang, Rayna, Jen, Pam, Antoinette, & Jessica,

Thank you all for your care during my recent visit. My arrival was stressful but thanks to all of you, I quickly felt relaxed as each of you were so kind. 

I.F. - Oakmont, PA (1/23)

I am sending this note as a way of thanking you [Dr. Chang] for being part of the amazing team that stepped in to help me when I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time last December after 17 years. As afraid as I was during the biopsy you were very kind and reassuring which meant a great deal to me. As wonderful as you are, I hope I don't have to see you again in the future!! 

Joanne K - Allison Park, PA (10/23)

I have always been very impressed and happy with all my visits at Weinstein imaging. I have come for a few years and will continue to come for my exams.

Genevieve Y - Allison Park, PA (9/23)

Fantastic staff and excellent Drs. I have been going to Weinstein for yrs and will continue even with my new residence in FL. ❤️

Rebecca D - Gibsonia, PA (9/23)

I’ve been using Weinstein imaging for years. I have never, ever had a bad experience in any of my testing. Your staff is always kind, courteous & professional. No need to change a thing in my opinion❣️

Julia W - Pittsburgh, PA (8/23)

I have gone to the Shadyside office for years... just a brief absence when my insurance changed. I was so glad to return to Weinstein Imaging. I have always been very happy with the entire “experience”. My last visit was in North Hills... on a good note I was thrilled that Antoinette was there because I missed seeing her the last two times in Shadyside. I thought maybe she wasn’t a staff member any longer. She is so efficient and kind to patients!!! I was thrilled she was my technician.

Bonnie M - Harrisburg, PA (7/23)

My experience was excellent. From the cleanliness to the soothing music and decor, my experience was excellent. Antoinette was my technician and she was kind, funny and gentle.

Sandra D - Pittsburgh, PA (6/23)

I'd like to thank you [Dr. Straka] from the bottom of my heart for your vigilance and excellent radiology (cancer detection skills) in catching my b.c. so early! I've always trusted you all & now more than ever. Your work is so meaningful. You save lives!

Angela O - Pittsburgh, PA (4/23)

My experience was great, no complaints at all. The tech was very nice and and knowledgeable. The front desk secretary was very friendly. I have a dexa scan scheduled for the end of the month and I'm sure it will be great!

Marianne M - Pittsburgh, PA (5/23)

It was great! Who says that about getting a mammogram? From the receptionist, to the technician (probably not the correct title) [everyone] was so nice and wanted to be sure it was a good experience.

MD - Wexford, PA (4/23)

I sing your praises and have recommended you to several friends. They, too, highly praise you. Staff is professional, kind, knowledgeable and comforting, and the office staff could not be more kind and helpful. Olivia, too, is an asset to your office!

Marilyn C - Pittsburgh, PA (4/23)

My experience at Weinstein each year is always great. I am comforted by the care and time the staff and drs take to assure me I’m in good health! I always refer friends and family.

Darlene W - Pittsburgh, PA (2/23)

Unfortunately, my insurance has changed and I need to go to a Tier 1 practice which you are not. I have been coming to Weinstein for many years and have been impressed with everyone there that I have come in contact with! You have always had a very friendly and helpful staff. I will definitely miss you.

PW - Renfrew, PA (3/23)

The experience at Weinstein's was perfect. The staff was kind and efficient as well as well trained. I like going to their facility and have and will continue to recommend Weinstein to family and friends.

Linda W - Pittsburgh, PA (2/23)

My experience was absolutely wonderful. Everyone was so helpful. I had a leg injury and they even walked me to the car in a wheelchair in the rain!! I definitely would recommend your office to anyone. Great and friendly staff.

Linda E - Gibsonia, PA (12/22)

I think you all are so kind and sweet. To be honest this appointment always gets me anxious, but I always leave feeling good. So happy I was referred to Weinstein from my PCP.

Jody W - Valencia, PA (11/22)

I was completely satisfied with my appointment. I have come to Weinstein for many years. I have complete confidence in your practice.

DY - W Middlesex, PA (11/22)

My experience was and always is great. In and out in a timely manner. Staff is kind and personable.

Donna M - Greensburg, PA (9/22)

Dr. Chang,

Thank you so much for your special care... Can never forget the compassion with which you treat your patients and is more effective than any medicine.

Marilyn N - Pittsburgh, PA (8/22)

Dr. Chang,

I had a mammogram on July 11 & got my breast cancer dx on the 14th. My surgeon & my medical oncologist commented that this was a small, early cancer & a "good catch." If this was missed, I can only imagine getting quite a different cancer scenario in another year. So thank you very much for your expertise.

Nancy C - Pittsburgh, PA (11/22)

I am always completely satisfied with my examinations each year I come. Your doctors and your staff are the best!

Carolyn O - Canonsburg, PA (8/22)

Wonderful experience. Kind and efficient office staff. I would recommend.

Karen P - Steubenville, OH (6/22)

Was very pleased with my visit. I was not pleased with the results of stage 0 cancer but was very glad that the staff took the time to explain in detail every step of the way what they were doing. I would strongly recommend your office.

Mary F - Pittsburgh, PA (6/22)

I just wanted to thank you [Antoinette] for always making my yearly visit so much easier. I appreciate you more than I can say, and Dr. Chang.

Janet S - Pittsburgh, PA (7/22)

All of your employees are absolutely wonderful, very professional and kind. I have always been pleased with my appointments, procedures, and medical reports. Please continue to take care of your patients in this most successful manner. You are truly an asset to our community and area.

Mary H - Houston, PA (6/22)

The staff was great, kind, pleasant. The facility is very clean & calming. Best of all I got a good report!!!!!! Thank you.

Nancy M - Pittsburgh, PA (5/22)

I have been getting my Mammograms at your place since I got Married. I have had no problems with your facility or anyone who works there. Everyone is so courteous and friendly.

Lois W - Heidelberg, PA (5/22)

I had to have my left breast redone which made me a little nervous but the staff was very comforting. The doctor came in and insured me that I was ok. I have been coming to this office for many years and will continue doing so!

Priscilla S - Pittsburgh, PA (4/22)

I found Weinstein Imaging to be very organized, the staff was very friendly and helpful especially to me, a senior citizen with some difficulty walking. Everyone was very solicitous. The office was very neat and clean especially the waiting area. I difintely will go there in the future. Good job Weinstein Imaging.

Donna S - Canonsburg, PA (4/22)

The atmosphere at your Greentree facility is so peaceful as well as professional. My mammogram and ultrasound were performed with care and efficiency. Thank you.

Catherine M - Bridgeville, PA (4/22)

You most certainly did 100%, from the phone call thinking I would be late and wasnt, to the understanding of my loss due to covid...Your staff is the most understanding and compassionate of any that I met. Thank you very much, God bless.

Gail P - McDonald, PA (2/22)

My experience was flawless and excellent, from the texting messaging alerts until my actual mammogram. Jamie and Tara were awesome and efficient. Thank you!

Maria C - Pittsburgh, PA (2/22)

Dr. Bohm-Velez and Weinstein Staff,
I wanted to reach out and say Thank You. From what I understand you probably saved my life. Dr. Buchbarker was amazed that you all were able to see the cancer. I am so grateful to you all for your dedication in keeping women healthy. Thank you.

Alicia C - Pittsburgh, PA (1/22)

I never said that
I love Weinstein imaging
Being going there since Dr Fogel was there

Jean W - Pittsburgh, PA (1/22)

My experience was a good one. Staff is always courteous and pleasant and as helpful as they can be.

Jeannette M - Elizabeth, PA (1/22)

It was a great experience from checking in until the end. Only so many there. Very private and I got an excellent report mammogram and sonogram lucky thank you

Rosemary R - Lawrence, PA (1/22)

I am greatly appreciative of all your office did to fit me in last week. My visits there are always met with courtesy and kindness.

Arlene D - Morgan, PA (12/21)

You absolutely exceeded expectations! I've been coming here for years and have never had a bad experience. Everyone is great!

Nancy C - Irwin, PA (12/21)

I loved it. The waiting rooms added peace and calm to a person who has white coat anxiety. I liked the presence of other women going through the same thing as I. The lovely person who conducted my bone scan answered every question I had and I learned so much about the procedure. The woman telling me wear to dress and undress was so calming and patient.

Janet B - Pittsburgh, PA (12/21)

All of your staff it's nice and, I believe, go out of their way to make what can be a stressful experience as good as possible. The office is pretty and very clean. I would definitely recommend your practice to anyone looking for a good place to get a mammogram.

It was wonderful to see a little manger scene at one of the desks! So many people forget why there's Christmas in the first place and that is a lovely little reminder. Thank you and have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!

Christine R - Pittsburgh, PA (12/21)

I’ve been going to Weinstein Imaging for over 16 years, in two different locations. Every experience I’ve had as a pregnant and nursing mom and now as perimenopausal woman, has been excellent. From the check-in process, scans and to the doctor consults, each step always exceeds my expectations. Thank you.

Melissa K - Pittsburgh, PA (11/21)

Your office is so relaxing and your staff is amazing. It’s such a stressful experience as your mind always goes to worst case scenario, but your staff makes you relax. They are so friendly, but it doesn’t feel weird or overly clinical. I appreciate all the feminine touches of pink and flowers. I was relived to hear good news today and thank you all.

Robin C - Pittsburgh, PA (10/21)

Very Positive review! I want to thank you all for a great experience at your office. Very professional, organized, caring and kind staff.. Don’t change a thing. Well done.

Beth B - Pittsburgh, PA (10/21)

It went well. Everyone is so kind and nice. Donna was very gentle, kind and explained what she was doing. I have been going there for years and would not go anywhere else. Thank you.

Jacqueline V - Pittsburgh, PA (10/21)

My experience was first rate, like always. Your techs are so gentle and kind and respectful. A very positive experience, and I appreciate the kind care. Keep up the great work!

MN - Pittsburgh, PA (9/21)

Weinstein Imaging is EXCELLENT!... 5 stars for the best breast imaging experience I ever had and from here on, it will be the only place I will go to for annual breast exams!

ZP - Verona, PA (9/21)

Technician friendly, informative, made me feel at ease and extremely gentle. I will certainly return!

Robin I - Pittsburgh, PA (8/21)

Everyone is always professional and very nice. That is why I continue to return every year.

ALW - Pittsburgh, PA (8/21)

My experience was great. Everyone took great care of me and managed to get a script so I could have my breast aspiration by Dr Chang... I was kept up to date during the wait for the script. Dr Chang was wonderful performing the aspiration.

You get a 10 out of 10

Phyllis G - Pittsburgh, PA (8/21)

You were excellent! Compassionate, caring, prompt and friendly. Four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and each year the annual mammogram is stressful and scary. Thank you for making me feel calmer!

Joyce T - Pittsburgh, PA (8/21)

As usual well organized and very professional. The entire experience was A+.

Joanne M - Pittsburgh, PA (8/21)

Antoinette is experienced, professional and makes her patients comfortable. In fact, whenever I need to schedule a service, I do so when Antoinette is working. My experience could not have been better.

Arlene H - Pittsburgh, PA (8/21)

I had wonderful news in the Shadyside office today. All is well and I don’t have to come back till next year. I’ll be off Anastrozole in September after five years. As far as I am concerned Weinstein Imaging has given me the best care always.

Marcia F - Pittsburgh, PA (8/21)

My experience was awesome!!!! Antionette was especially wonderful. She went above and beyond to make the experience comfortable for me and she was compassionate and attentive. Lauren who did my ultrasound was also warm and friendly. Thank you!!!

Pamela L - Pittsburgh, PA (8/21)

Your service is and your staff are amazing. Friendly, yet professional, thorough and explained everything in detail, and answered all the questions I had without hesitation.

Patrice S - Pittsburgh, PA (7/21)

My experience as always was professionally performed and made me feel informed and at ease. Having the preliminary results before leaving gave me peace of mind. I have been choosing your services for 30 plus years and hope to continue for as long as I need your service.

Shirley B - McKeesport, PA (7/21)

My experience was wonderful. Everyone is very friendly and knowledgeable. My questions were answered and I felt very re-assured. I love that I get my results the same day. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for a mammogram. Thank you doctor and staff

Sherry E - Pittsburgh, PA (6/21)

The staff was very helpful as always, specially this time when I had forgotten my script. They helped me get it from my PCP and kept my appointment. Kudos to everyone!

Enrique B - Pittsburgh, PA (6/21)

Fabulous office staff and professional service.

Mary M - Uniontown, PA (6/21)

Dr. Chang, I met with Dr. Grahovac. She said several times during our meeting that it was a miracle that you found my tumor. It's so small! Thank you for being such an amazing doctor. I am truly blessed that you were the one reading my mammograms!

Denise L - McDonald, PA (6/21)

Wonderful experience! I am so blessed to have you in my life! Thank you!

Cheryl K - Pittsburgh, PA (5/21)

My experience was excellent. You have done a very good job with COVID precautions. Antionette was the technician that did the mammogram.

Rosemary D - Pittsburgh, PA (4/21)

Thank you for the care you always give me!!!! You are the best.

Stephanie L - Greensburg, PA (4/21)

I would never go anywhere else. Everyone is friendly and put you at ease. 5 stars.

Charlene B - Pittsburgh, PA (4/21)

Everything perfect. People, physical setting all good. Very happy I switched from Previous clinic!!!!

Mona S - Pittsburgh, PA (4/21)

I wanted to "thank you" (Dr. Bohm-Velez) for "saving my life." It really is unbelievable that you found this small tumor!! Your willingness to keep looking for that tumor has give me "life." Thank you for your caring as a person & a professional.

Rachael R - Pittsburgh, PA (6/21)

Just a note to thank you for your careful and thorough examination and gentle procedure for biopsy. Everyone's kindness and concern to put me at ease is very much appreciated and know I was in kind and caring hands.

Gail K - Pittsburgh, PA (5/21)

I wanted to thank you so much for your help today. I really appreciate your efforts to keep us all safe and take all of these needed precautions. It means alot to me that you all are taking our health and our lives as a priority. It has made me feel very comfortable with coming in.

Also the receptionist or staff member who I spoke with on the phone was so patient and helpful! I love been treated so respectfully. That is a trait that is so lacking in our world today - kindness. So just wanted to thank you all for fulfilling  your mission - showing compassion - even before I enter the building.

I also wanted to mention that my husband is immuno-compromised so it means even more to me that you all are taking extra precautions. I look forward to a time when we no longer have to deal with sickness or pandemics ever again (Isaiah 33:24, Revelation 21:3-4). I hope you have a wonderful day.

Thanks again!

GF - Steubenville, OH (4/21)

My visit was 5stars. From the online checking, to the office staff, to the mammogram and the results. I was in and out in half an hour and felt all was clean and safe. Thank you for making a somewhat nerve wracking experience pleasant as always!

Heidi D - Oakmont, PA (4/21)

Just wanted to say your staff is extremely kind. Above and beyond!

Christine O - Greensburg, PA (3/21)

Oh, you CERTAINLY met — and even exceeded — my expectations, as I told Dr. Sharek at the end of my visit last Friday. The staff was most cordial and efficient. The organization of COVID-19 precautions was well thought out; hats off to those who arranged them.

The precautions were implemented effectively. This was my first outing post- second shot and two-week period. I must admit I was nervous. From my appointment- making on the phone with cheerful Jeannie, to my interactions at the front desk, to my time with Pam and, I believe, Amy for the UltraSound, to Dr. Sharek, all proceeded with caring.

Thanks to all of you. And grateful for a positive outcome.

Esther N - Pittsburgh, PA (3/21)

I wanted to send you (Dr. Chang) a short note to say "THANK YOU", for finding that tiny spot on my mammogram. I was in on Nov 18th. You found the tiny spot & did biopsy that evening. On Nov 20th you called & said cancer. If you had not found that "tiny" spot, it would have been a year later & who knows how large it would have been. Again, I want to say "THANK YOU" for being an awesome Doctor!

Patricia H - Pittsburgh, PA (2/21)

I just wanted to thank the office for their compassionate care and clear communication. From Jennifer at the front to Donna and Kelly and Dr. Bohm-Velez. They all go above and beyond. Having a doctor explain test results and interpreting onsite is very reassuring. Thanks!

Lisanne S - Pittsburgh, PA (2/21)

Your staff and Doctor were very personable, professional and knowledgeable people that showed integrity to me.

Thomas B - Pittsburgh, PA (2/21)

My experience was wonderful - everyone was kind, professional and efficient.... No improvements needed!!!! Great job by everyone.

Jocelyn M - Pittsburgh, PA (1/21)

My experience was excellent. Dr.and staff very caring and efficient.Thank you for your all your help.You might have saved my life .

Bernadette M - Ligonier, PA (1/21)

Through all of [my breast cancer treatment], I was supported strongly by staff at Weinstein, to whom I gave all the credit for a good result. I have been a client there for, I think, 60 years, and at every turn I was treated with respect, kept informed, procedures explained and minimal pain. I can't thank you enough for all of this.

Barbara P - Pittsburgh, PA (1/21)

My experience with Weinstein has always been beyond wonderful. The staff is professional and very caring. I am always glad to have Pam at the controls. I recommend your imaging to everyone. You are the best!

Colleen M - Pittsburgh, PA (1/21)

My experience was good as usual. I have been going to Weinstein Imaging most of my adult life. They care for me like I'm their sister and Dr.Bohn-Ve'lez is very bright and personable.

Christine C - Pittsburgh, PA (1/21)

Fast and efficient! Everyone was great! A seamless process! Job well done!

Deborah P - Irwin, PA (1/21)

You went beyond my expectations wow love weinstein imaging shadyside! Dr. Bohmvelez is TOP, expert, years of experience, so much knowledge, so much TRUST for her and that makes all the difference. The staff and Mammagram tech sweet as can be and ultrasound tech & front desk awesome. Thank you so much

Dawn C - Pittsburgh, PA (1/21)

I have been coming there for over 25 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else! Today my tech as usual was friendly and professional. I would not go anywhere else.

Terri H - North Versailles, PA (1/21)

It was perfect. In every way. Covid precautions, timeliness, friendly, helpful staff. On time, efficient, and Antoinette gave me test results before I left. No complaints. Only compliments.

Sue B - New Florence, PA (1/21)

While I was not thrilled to be there...your staff was amazing!! The doctor and nurses (Donna, Kelly and Ant) were very caring, kind and respectful. I will recommend your facility in the future!!

Pamela S - Pittsburgh, PA (1/21)

Thank you for going the extra mile for me. I so appreciate your act of kindness getting my images and the extraordinary care of the doctors and staff. 

Jennifer M - Allison Park, PA (1/21)

I have been a patient at Weinstein for over 25 years and can’t say enough about the expert and compassionate care I have received over the years. The entire staff, doctors, nurses, technicians, and receptionists have always treated me kindly, professionally, and respectfully. They truly care about their patients and go above and beyond to address all issues and concerns a patient may have or be dealing with. Over the years I have referred many friends to Weinstein and they as well have been more than pleased with their care. Again, I can’t say enough about this fine faculty except to thank them for the many years of excellent service they have provided me.

Sally D - Pittsburgh, PA (1/21)

I was very happy, as I have always been for the past thirty years coming to your office! You all are always very nice and all of the girls in your office make a very unpleasant experience as pleasant as possible! I also thank you for having one of your physicians right there to give your opinion, instead of making me wait for the results. If you ever had cancer, you would know how important that is for your patient! Thank you and will see you next year!❤️

Ann K - Pittsburgh, PA (1/21)

My experience today was a positive one. Each individual on your staff with whom I had contact was professional, efficient and kind. Dr. Chang was thorough in ordering diagnostic films and explaining the results.

Bonnie R - Monroeville, PA (12/20)

Thanks so much for looking so hard to find that small, small cancer cell... Please thank everyone for me. You are life savers. 

Marion M - Carnegie, PA (12/20)

I just want to thank your employees, Bonnie and Amanda, for being so nice today during my mammogram and ultrasound. I am always impressed with your professionalism year after year. Also, the ease of the online registration was much appreciated during these unprecedented times. Thank you again.

Anita F - Glenshaw, PA (12/20)

My experience was good. Would rate 9, everyone was very caring, polite, gracious and very professional. Will continue to use your services; have for 20 years and will continue. Thanks.

EJ - Saxonburg, PA (12/20)

My experience was great. The staff is very warm and personable, and comforting. Service was quick And organized. Thank you for all you do.

Patricia C - Pittsburgh, PA (12/20)

You did meet my expectations! They are the best here! Everyone from front desk staff to others! Wonderful as always!!!!!!

Michelle M - Cheswick, PA (11/20)

The process was very organized and safe. The staff was very professional and courteous and personable all at the same time.

Nancy M - Finleyville, PA (11/20)

My appointment went so smoothly. Thank you for being so professional and kind. We are lucky to have you in the community.

Margaret G - Greensburg, PA (11/20)

Everything was just fine. As always you were professional and polite. Yes you met my expections and more considering you are working to protect from the virus.

Elizabeth Z - Munhall, PA (10/20)

I was absolutely pleased with my experience at Weinstein Imaging, as I have been for every visit over the past 34 years!! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! As a 2 time breast cancer survivor, the angst associated with going through a mammogram never leaves you. At Weinstein on Centre Avenue, you receive total reassurance through every phase of the appointment. Antoinette has been my technician for almost every mammogram I have ever had (possibly 35!) and she has become the most reassuring friend possible!

JE - Pittsburgh, PA (10/20)

My experience was fantastic! The staff and doctor were wonderful! I wish every experience I have in life goes as well.

Catherine L - Pittsburgh, PA (10/20)

Every time I have ever been there, everyone has been so professional, courteous, compassionate, and kind. I would never go anywhere else and have highly recommended your place to others. I usually have Pam & Dr. Sharek which I am very pleased with and like having the same people because I have had 2 suspicious lumps this year and was a nervous wreck till I got my appts and got my results. I had Pam & Dr. Shared which was great because they knew my case and my personality so they were able to calm me down and comfort me. Luckily, neither lump were of cancer origin. I come from Altoona which is over 2 hrs away but it is definitely worth the trip! I would go no where else. Thank You for a Fabulous place, Doctors, and Staff! 

Diana D - Altoona, PA (11/20)

Thank you all so very much for many years of excellent, high quality services! You are compassionate, skilled, and trusted. Even during the CoVid pandemic, your office has managed to continue this excellent service. THANK YOU!

Natalie K - Charleroi, PA (7/20)

 I just wanted to thank you [Dr. Bohm-Velez] & the staff for always being so kind & caring & taking just wonderful care of me & all your patients! It is a difficult time for all, please know you are appreciated! You are the Healers, the Helpers!

Stay safe & well!

Kathy H - Venetia, PA (5/20)

I wanted to thank you [Dr. Chang] for being such a diligent doctor and finding my cancer in time. I didn't need chemo or radiation... So glad to have you keeping us safe! Thank you!

Mary Lou B - Bethel Park, PA (12/19)

I'm sure that "Thank You" is a phrase you [Dr. Chang] hear very often. I want to say it again and to tell you that I appreciate your care more than you know.

Sincerely, a patient of yours for many years

Marilyn N - Pittsburgh, PA (4/19)

Dear Dr. Chang and Weinstein Imaging Staff,

I want to thank you very much for your professionalism and kindness this week. When I called about a problem, you gave me an appointment for the next day that accommdated my travel time from State College and work schedule. In your office, you were prompt, thorough, and clear. I am grateful for your attention and care. Thank you.

Anne R - State College, PA (2/17)

The staff was extremely professional. I would recommend this imaging center to anyone. I have had multiple procedures there including mammograms, ultrasounds, and biopsies. The technologists and radiologists are thorough and genuinely care. Thank you to the entire staff!

Mary K - Oakmont, PA (09/19)

I have been very happy with my experience with Dr. Marcela Bohm-Velez and her staff. They have shown me exceptionally warm and knowledgeable care in my experiences there. I have never seen that at any other hospital or facility. I feel Dr. Velez is over and above the knowledge and intellect of any other in this field of medicine. She is gifted, I would recommend all men and women to this facility. The heart warming feeling is what you will leave with and the confidence that you had the best care you could possibly get.

Marie G - Lower Burrell, PA (09/19)

Thank you all for the kindness, caring and support provided to me during the testing and the procedures. Everyone in the office reached out to help me in so many ways. It made such a difference. I will always be thankful for your expertise, your professionalism and so much more. May God bless you all.

Maryann B and family - United States, PA 8/19

I want to thank your entire staff for your caring & accommodating meanner that you do your job. When the doctor detected an abnormality in my breast, someone from the office phone me & asked me to come back for an ultrasound. You were able to see me the very same day! How amazing! The ultrasound technician was sweet & tried to sooth my nerves, all the while checking an area of concern in my breast. What could have been a nightmare turned out to be a day of relief and happiness. I am so grateful for everything that you all did to ease my concerns & get me the information that was needed ASAP! I will be recommending Weinstein Imaging to all of the women I know! Thank you so much.

Brigetta D - Carnegie, PA (8/19)

Thank you [Dr. Straka] for your excellent care on a recent occasion and for years past. If every physician had the expertise, compassion and warm personality that you have, it would be a much better world.

Christine T , 3/13/19

Dear Dr, Chang and Staff,

I am writing to thank you for following up and for being persistent with me to schedule an MRI after my mammogram & ultrasound appt in May. The 3D mammogram detected something, and it ended up being breast cancer. I (and my family) am truly thankful and grateful to your office for this early detection and for stressing that I take the necessary steps on my end. Your services absolutely save lives & are appreciated probably more than you know.

Cathy S - Washington, PA (10/18)

Dear Denise and Staff,

Sorry to say bye for now!  Thank you for all the years of excellent service.

Michele P , 11/18

Thank you to everyone at Weinstein Imaging for all my care over the last 21 years!  Your office is so efficient.  You all work at 150% and with a smile always.  Thanks so much.

Marilyn H , 10/18

Weinstein Imaging Staff,

Thank you so much for the gift card.  So fun!!  I don't usually have the luck to win stuff!!

More so, thank you all for the great care you've alway shown me at your office.

Kelly D , 10/18

Just a note of thanks. I believe your practice is truly the "Gold Standard" in comprehensive and compassionate imaging services. You have a wonderful staff. Mickey is so terriffic in ultrasound and truly helps reduce any stress associated. It really means a lot! Antoinette in Mammography is always so kind and I so appreciate Drs. Sharek and Chang reviewing and discussing results at my appointments rather than having to wait. Your services are very much appreciated!

Andrea K - Pittsburgh, PA 3/18


Thank you so much for your help and expertise during my pregnancy.  Knowing she was breech ahead of time, helped me prepare for my c-section.  As scary as it was, it would have been even scarier to go into labor thinkiing I was in a normal situation when actually I was not!  They had me come in earlier than usual "just in case" since I was a breech, and indeed it was time!   

Thanks again


Katie G , PA 02/18

Weinstein Imaging is truly a premier imaging group and there isn't enough space for me to express how professional and compassionate the doctors and staff are with every individual that comes to their offices.  I have recommended Weinstein Imaging to all my firends because there are three convenient locations and they review results with you the same day, after the imaging is done.  I am forever thankful to Dr. Bohm-Velez for her brilliance and professional expertise and attention to detail in finding my breast cancer very early!  I'm also very thankful to the specialisst for doing such a great job on my mammograms and ultrasounds.  It's never a good time to hear you have cancer, but at the time of my diagnosis, my mom was being treated for breast cancer so it was even more devastating to hear the news.  Dr. Bohm-Velez and the whole staff at Weinstein Imaging were so professional and so supportive that I felt like I was surrounded by my sisters.  After my biopsy, Dr. Bohm-Velze even called me personally on a Saturday, at home, to make sure that I was doing ok and to give me encouragement.  Dr. Bohm-Velez you are not only beauriful on the outside, you are beautiful on the inside too.  You put your heart and soul into taking care of patients at Weinstein Imaging.  Fast forward to today, I have been a patient at Weinstein Imaging for 13 years and would never go anywhere else.  I recently had my yearly breast mammography (3D also).  Thank you Jackie for being so kind in making sure I was comfortable during the imaging.  Lorraine, thank you for putting me at ease during the breast ultrasound and for helping to calm my anxiety.  I am now a breast cancer survivor for 11 years!!  God bless you all for the amazing strength and support you give and for all the lives you have been a part of saving.

Celeste M , 08/17

Dr. Chang, Antoinette, Melissa, and Denise,

Thank you all for the kind care you gave me during my visit for my mammogram & ultrasound! I so appreciate your expertise!!

I.F. - Oakmont, PA (12/16)

Dear Dr. Chang,

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever be so eager to say this but here goes: Thank you for finding my cancer! As most people probably do after they hear the word cancer I also have done a ton of research and have discovered how lucky I really am that you did find my cancer, request an ultrasound & you told me straight away (no sugar coating) how you felt about the look and offered to do a biopsy - then & there. I am so very thankful for everything you have done. And so quickly. I am already on my journey to be a survivor!

Amber A - Pittsburgh, PA (3/17)

Dear Dr. Bohm-Velez,

You performed a stereotactic core needle biopsy for me at your Shadyside Office.  I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for you professionalism, excellent care and concern.  The day after the procedure someone called me to see how I was feeling---WOW!  That was really nice.  Then you personally called with the good results of the test.  While you probably do this every week as your standard of care, I just want you to know it is truly remarkable and appreciated.  Thank you.

T.C. , 4/17

Dr. Velez,

Words nor flowers can express our appreciation for your kindness, compassion and support of our sister.  Our entire family is overwhelmed by your personal attention and care.

Forever Grateful,

S.W. and A. W. , 3/2017

Dear Dr. Sharek,

I wanted to thank you for all your wonderful care when I was in.  So upsetting to never have a problem before then to go and have a biopsy is somewhat scary.  You made me feel at ease which was comforting.  Then to have you call me with great news..oh how wonderful and such a relief.  Your kindness was a breath of fresh air.  I feel honored to have met you.  Thank you again for everything.

Jeanna K - Pittsburgh, 3/2017

Dr. Sharek, Jeanne, Antoinette, Denise, Jennifer, and the "gal from Aspinwall", and everyone else I left out:

Monday was a traumatic day for me having gone through all the extra testing I had at your office.  I want to express my deepest appreciation to all of you for your concern, care and especially your warmth!  I felt I was surrounded by best friends!  You all mean so much to me.

All the best to all of you,

S. E. - Pittsburgh, 3/2017

Dear Friends,

This is just a lttle note of sincere thanks to all of you for the many courtesies shown me over all the many years that I have been a patient at your imaging establishment.  I consider that you are tops in your field and I credit you with saving my life in 2006 when cancer was detected.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I most certainly would not be leaving except for the fact that as my husband and I grow older, it is getting a little more difficult to make the trip from Latrobe.  We have had to locate medical facilities closer to our home.

Thank you so much again for being a "premier" imaging group.

Nancy B - Latrobe, PA 11/16

I just wanted to thank you for the gift card I won in the October raffle.  That was such a nice surprise!  I greatly appreciate it.  Also your staff at the Shadyside location has always been so nice and kind...just wanted you to know.

Jodi H , 11/16

Dr. Bohm-Velez,

Thank you many times over for your wonderful professional care and the personal interest you take in your patients,  especially me.  Truly, I am blessed to have you as my doctor.  Have a great summer and best wishes for peace, happiness, and good health.  You are one of a kind.

Anna D - Pittsburgh, PA (7/16)

South Hills Office,

Both times that I was at your office, I had a wonderful experience.  Everyone is so nice and pleasant.

Lana B - South Park, PA (5/16)

Dear Dr. Straka,

I would like to thank you for reassuring me that everything should be OK.  I really appreciate  the way you explained it.  I thank you for getting me in so fast for the biopsy.  Dr. Chang did a wonderful job and I got the results very fast.  I thank you again for your compassion and for calling me back.

Cam W - Pittsburgh, PA (4/16)

Dear Dr. Chang,

I just want to let you know how grateful I am to you that you called me so fast w/ my results of my biopsy. You performed a stereotactic core biopsy... and it was very easy on me. I couldn't believe you were done so fast... All of your staff were so nice & so caring. I have been going to Weinstein Imaging for a number of years in the South Hills & I will always go there. I hope I don't need any other procedures, but if I do, I will definitely be back & hope you can do the procedure. Thank you again.

Camilla W - Pittsburgh, PA (3/16)

I would like to thank Weinstein Imaging and, in particular, Antoinette for such an excellent first experience. The promptness, professionalism, kindness, and thoroughness were so impressive. I can't tell you how much I appreciated being able to get my results the same day which is so different from other centers. I will recommend you among my colleagues and plan on moving my dexa scan appointment to your office along with future mammograms. Many thanks!

Andrea K - Forest Hills, PA (2/16)


Just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of me a few weeks go.  So funny how our paths would cross again.  I was so happy that you were the one doing my procedure.  You were absolutely wonderful and put me completely at ease.  I will definitely be coming to your office for all of my testing.  Once again, I can't thank you enough for all of your help.

Allison H - Johnstown, PA (2/16)

Dear Ladies,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for making what was a very difficult time for me more manageable.  You made me feel at ease and patiently helped me when thinks didn't go according to plan.  You do amazing work and your kindess will not be forgotten.  Many blessings to you all!!  Thank you.


Dr. Sharek, Jeanne, Mickey, Pam and the entire staff at Weinstein Imaging:  Celebrating new friends and a good report!  Thank you.

Linda V


Thank you so much for looking at my mammogram and getting me right in for additional testing.  Your staff was wonderful to me when I was at your office.  They were so kind and professional and made me feel so comfortable.  I will definitely be coming to your office for all of my future tests.  Thanks again!

Allison H - Johnstown, PA (2/16)

Dear Marcela,

Just a note to thank you for giving me the good news.  It is always nice seeing you.

Frank C - Pittsburgh, PA (2/16)

Dear Antoinette,

I want to thank you for all your help with my DXA scan and mammogram.  With the vertigo that I have it is almost impossible for me to be in certain positions without horrible results. You were understanding, polite and helpful.  It was not your fault we couldn't do all phases of the test and I want to thank you for your efforts and professionalism and I want you to know it is appreciated.   May God Bless You

Mary C - Pittsburgh, PA (2/16)

Every office should take a lesson from the staff at Weinstein Imaging!  Not only are they well trained, but they work hard to put you at ease during a stressful time.  I'm grateful to be a patient at such a wonderful office.

Helen C - Pittsburgh, PA (1/16)


Thank you for being extraordinarily good at your job.  It is greatly appreciated!

Barbara A - Greensburg, PA (1/16)

The experience that I had at Weinstein Imaging far exceeded my expectations. The entire staff was filled with kindness, compassion, empathy and professionalism from the receptionist, to the imaging technologist Antoinette, and the experienced radiologist, Dr. Marcela Bohm-Velez.
The personalized service made for a pleasant experience. I will  highly recommend tomosynthesis  and Weinstein Imaging to my family, friends, and patients.

Joan M , 12/15

Dear all at Weinstein Imaging,

Thank you for the gift card your office so graciously gave away in October.  I appreciate the surprise special gift from your office.  Thank you kindly!

Paula K , PA (11/15)

Dear Dr. Bohm-Velez,

I would like to thank you for all your concern and care you gave me personally and all your other patients.  Thank you for your knowledge and diligence.  Please thank your staff also for their warmth and care that women like me appreciate so much.  I wish you success in your work and many more healthy patients.

Maya C - Pittsburgh, PA (2015)

The office on Cochran Rd [was] FABULOUS!!! Always very nice and professional. Would not go any where else!! Thank you!

Tracy L - Pittsburgh, PA (10/15)

As a first time patient, I feel compelled to let you know how very special I was made to feel.  Each one of the staff from the sign-in window to the mammogram itself, I was made to feel very special!  Thank you for such a pleasant experience.  My daughter-in-law was right!! I look forward to seeing you next year. (Now that's a first for me!)

Jennifer B , (9/15)

I just wanted to send a quick note to thank the staff at Weinstein Imaging for their patience and professionalism.  I have come to Weinstein for every mammogram and ultrasound need since 1994. At my last appointment, I was there for a routine mammogram that turned into an ultrasound.  While a routine test became stressful to me, the staff's calm demeanor kept me calm.  I regret that I cannot remember the mammography tech's name, but the ultrasound tech was Amy.  Then I spoke with Dr. Straka.  All of these ladies went beyond my expectations in order to make my appointment go smoothly.  Please extend my thanks to your staff for their professionalism.  I greatly appreciated it.

Amy H - Houston, PA (8/15)


It's always nice to see you.  Appreciate you!  Have a great day and always remember people like you do not go unnoticed.

Marilyn M - Pittsburgh, PA (7/15)

Dear Antoinette,

Thank you so very much for your kindness.  Whenever the topic of mammograms comes up, I have always sung the praises of Weinstein Imaging.  Always adding that besides getting results right away, the people who work there make the difference.  Never was that more evident than at my appointment.  Please convey my sincere thanks to Dr. Bohm-Velez and to the rest of the staff.

Most of all thank YOU.  You are in the perfect profession.  You're such a sincere and gentle demeanor whenever doing a mammogram.  So glad you were there on Friday!  Thanks.

Lois F - PIttsburgh, PA (6/15)

Dear Dr. Straka,

I wanted to thank you for making sure that my mammogram, ultrasound and then a biopsy were all completed within a three hour window. You were kind and gentle and explained it all very well.  This could have been a long drawn out process for different procedures, but it wasn't!

Keep up the great work!

Renee F - Wexford, PA (05/15)

To all the staff and doctors,

I just wanted to compliment all of you on your professionalism...the receptionists who are unfailingly cheerful, helpful and polite... the technologists who are pleasant, personable, and take the pains to ensure their patients' comfort... the doctors are not only competent but share results promptly... the office manager who undoubtedly is responsible for a smooth running office.  In addition the office atmosphere is tastefully decorated, soothing and the waiting rooms and exam rooms are spotless.

I'd like to thank each and every one of your for making appointments so comfortable.

With appreciation to and regard for Weinstein imaging.

Donna - Pittsburgh, PA (4/15)

I visited the South Hills office yesterday for an ultrasound. The technician, Melissa, went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable and taken care of while I waited for the Radiologist to talk to me. Melissa went above and beyond by bringing me coffee and a granola bar since I mentioned that I was anxious to get a cup of coffee after fasting for so long. My appt was at 10:45. I didn't expect Melissa to bring me a coffee (I was thinking of heading to Brueggers immediately after leaving the appointment) but she did and checked on me a few times to make sure I was OK. I just wanted to let you know what a gem you have in Melissa. Thank you, Melissa. She made an uncomfortable appointment easier to handle.

Karen G - PIttsburgh, PA (3/15)

Dear "kind person in the billing department",

Thank you so mucn for taking the time to call me to let me know my payment had been applied to my account.  It was a truly thoughtful thing to do!

Susan R - Sewickley, PA (2/15)

Dear Techs,

On Tuesday of this week, I had a transvaginal ultrasound at your center.  It was very difficlt for me and the tech who administered it to me "bent over backwards" to make it easier and bearable.  She impressed me very much.  No wonder your center has such a good reputation.

Please see that the women who works there receives this accolade.  Thank you.

Margaret C - Pittsburgh, PA (12/14)

Dear Dr. Bohm-Velez and staff,

Thank you all 1,000 times for being so very king during my recent mammogram and stereotactic core biopsy.  The extra explanations, visuals and heart-felt steps to assure me and minimize discomfort are much appreciated.

All Good Wishes,

E K B - New Stanton, PA (2/15)

I wanted to express my gratitude for the kindness and compassion you extended me during my sonogram.  Your reassurance gave me much needed peace.  I'm also grateful for the knowledge you gave me regarding self-exams.

Thank you again Mickey and staff members at Weinstein Imaging.

Amy K - Apollo, PA 1/15

Dr. Chang and Amy,

I wanted to express my gratitude for the exceptional care that you provided me. First, I am grateful that your scheduler was able to fit me in the same day. I would later realize how necessary this was... Your encouragement [for me] to go to Magee turned out to be a very potentially life-saving recommendation...

While this situationn has been very, very sad to me, my husband, and family..., I am eternally grateful for both of your expert care that potentially saved my life... I am sincerely grateful for your compassionate and expert care that contributed to me being on the road to recovery.

K P - Washington, DC (1/15)

Dr. Chang and staff,

I was recently at your office for some imaging and a biopsy, and wanted to thank everyone for their kindness.  The entire staff was so thoughtful, caring and considerate during a very anxious time for me.

Thankfully my results were good.

I truly appreciate the care that I received at your office.

Melissa B - Pittsburgh, PA (1/15)

Dear All (Shadyside office),

Hope this finds everyone well.  Thank you all for your genuine care and concern during my recent visit.  It is always enjoyable to "visit" there and I truly appreciate all your expertise and kindness.

I. F. - Pittsburgh, PA (12/14)

I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to you [Dr. Bohm-Velez] for meeting personally with me (and all of your patients) to share the results of my tests.  It is very comforting and reassuring to be face-to-face with a caring, conscientious, dedicated physician.

Becky T - Pittsburgh, PA (10/14)

Dear Dr. Chang and Staff, I want to thank all of you. I required additional testing during my mammogram and was an emotional wreck. Everyone's compassion and professionalism got me through it. No one wants to hear that they have breast cancer, but I am thankful that you were able to find it early. I appreciate your diligence and believe that it has put me in the best position for treatment. I hope you all know how important your work is and that you make a difference in people's lives.

Lisa L - Pittsburgh, PA (10/14)

Will miss you all, as your staff is exemplary, friendly and positive.

A former patient who moved to Florida

I am very hapy with the service I received in your office.  Everyone was so nice, considerate, professional and caring.  It made me feel so at ease.  Dr. Straka was wonderful, and took the time to explain everything.  I appreciate all the wonderful things your whole staff did for me.

El , (9/14)

My first experience at Weinstein Imaging (Shadyside office) was a very good one!

Melinda P - Connellsville, PA (8/14)

My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the level of care and compassion I was shown during my recent exam and biopsy.  I have recommended friends to Weinstein Imaging (and now on Healthgrades, Dr. Chang), but I wanted to personally send this note of thanks.

Antoinette and Pam were so helpful, and a special thanks to Mickey for explaining the images to help allay my fears.

And of course... Dr. Chang, I cannot overstate my appreciation for your level of expertise, care, compassion and patience as you handled my care. Many, many thanks

Gina M - Pittsburgh, PA (8/14)

Thank you [Dr. Chang] for your understanding and patience, and thanks to all of your staff for helping me through the first phase of my journey through breast cancer.  All of your kindness, and patience and warmth from the entire staff helped to get me through the first step of my journey.  Thank you for staying so late and being so helpful to me in so many ways!  I will always remember your kindness!!

Margie H - Pittsburgh, PA (8/14)

Dr. Bohm-Velez, enjoy the rest of summer and thank you for your kind spirit and wonderful professional care.

Anna D , (7/14)

Thank you [Dr. Ward] for going the extra mile to reassure, comfort and provide your expertise to me.  My recent follow up to the cancer center went well.  May you enjoy your summer and find much happiness and good health.

Ethel K - New Stanton, PA (6/14)

Thank you [Dr. Bohm-Velez] so much for taking such good care of me and all who meet you.  You are truly a brilliant and beautiful woman.  You are kind and gentle and really care.  You made me feel wonderful during my last visit.  I was nervous and anxious because of my recent journey, you listened and reassured me.

To Jackie and Melissa, you are a doll!! You are an inspiration.

A grateful patient!

Kathy H - Venetia, PA (5/14)

Dr. Straka, thanks so much for detecting my DCIS.  I really appreciate your diligence in detecting my condition early.  Based on the doctor's recommendations I had a lumpectomy followed by radiation.  It has been almost a year since my diagnosis and I am doing good, thank God!  Hopefully I continue to do well over time.  Thanks again for all your help.

Diana H - Eighty Four, PA (3/14)

Marcela, "thank you very much" for checking my films/scans. I value your professional opinion. I was impressed with the care and professionalism of the staff and office from start to finish. Thanks again.

Laurie N , (4/14)

Thank you [Dr. Chang] for your special care. I appreciate you taking time answering all my questions because of my past medical history.

Marilyn N - Pittsburgh, PA (1/14)

Thank you all for making the mammogram a pleasant experience!  Everyone there is so friendly, patient and competent.

Lucille M , (11/13)

Sandy, I wanted to let you know what a great staff of women you have working with you.  Jackie and Marie are amazing ladies!  I had a scare and they were very compassionate and understanding.  It is so nice to see "normal" people-most places are so numb to their jobs over time, not at Weinstein.  You are amazing!  Thank you

Erin S - McMurray, PA (11/13)

After many years of appointments in your South Hills office it's about time to pass along my thoughts. I mentioned to Diana this morning how efficiently the office operates. The front desk is welcoming. The technicians are friendly, caring and informative. Services are always on time. Weinstein Imaging far surpasses most of the other medical offices I visit. Thank you for the good work you do.

Nancy T - Pittsburgh, PA (10/13)

Your [Dr. Chang] thoughtfulness will be remembered a long time. You took the time to perform my breast biopsy the same day as my mammogram. You took the time to call my gynecologist and let them know my results when I could not. You called me immediately after my MRI and told me my results. Thank you!

Cecelia V - Pittsburgh, PA (9/13)

My thanks to you [Amy, ultrasound technologist] for being soooo very kind to me while being tested.

Marlene F - Pittsburgh, PA (7/13)

Thank you all [Dr. Chang, Dr. Straka, Mickey, Antoinette and staff] for the kind and wonderful care I received during my visit in July.  I so appreciate everyone's expertise and enjoyed participating in the study.  Wishing all of you a happy rest of the summer!

Inez F - Pittsburgh, PA (8/13)

I'm so glad you [Dr. Straka] sent me to your Shadyside office for my breast biopsy.  The staff and of course Dr. Bohm-Velez, were wonderful.

It was a nice experience and most professional.

Pat H - Pittsburgh, PA (8/13)

You [Dr. Bohm-Velz and staff] made my appointment in July a pleasant experience.  I sure appreciated all that you did and the table was comfortable!

Pat H - PIttsburgh, PA (7/13)

I appreciate you telling me about the 3D/Tomosynthesis.  It sure gave me peace of mind finding out that everything was good for me. 

Everybody that works there is polite, kind and helpful, making us women feel very comfortable. 

Thank you all  (South Hills Office).

Charlotte T - Pittsburgh, PA (5/13)

Dear Folks at Weinstein Imaging (Shadyside Office),

First, I have been a very happy patient of yours for many years and wanted to express my appreciation for your thoroughness, professionalism and compassion when it was most needed.

We recently left Pittsburgh and I wanted to thank you for the years of service.  I know I won't find folks as good as you!!

Susan A - Pittsburgh, PA (12/12)

Thank you [Sandy, South Hills office manager] from the bottom of my heart for helping me.  I appreciate you.  You are a wonderful and caring person.  There are very few wonderful helping people and you are one.  Many Thanks.

Marcia B - Pittsburgh, PA (2013)

Thank you [Doctor Bohm-Velez and Amy] and all of your staff for finding my malignancy and helping me through the subsequent procedures. 

Sandra B - Pittsburgh, PA (2/13)

Thank you all so much for giving my husband and I the best possible experience!  Everything you did for us truly exceeded all of our expectaions.  My husband was only home for one day because he works out of town.  He wanted to see our baby more than anything but there were no appointments.  Kim called me as soon as they had a cancellation and got us in that day!!  Then we had trouble finding the building and were a few minutes late.  Lori at the front desk was so kind to us!

Meslissa showed us our baby!  And talked with us while she was taking pictures.  She was Great!!

I know we could not possibly have had a better experience anywhere else.  We want to thank you for the bottom of our hearts for giving us a Truly Amazing Experience.

Devan S - Pittsburgh, PA (3/13)

Lori, I just want to thank you for your patience and good humor with all of my phone calls to you regarding my release of films and reports.  I want to commend you on your efficiency in which you handled my concerns and tell you how much I appreciated all of your efforts.  Thank you for your patience and good nature.

Antoinette M - PIttsburgh, PA

Nicole, I want to thank you for working so hard to get the scrip I needed for my tests.  Because of you everything went smoothly.  Weinstein Imaging is lucky to have you.

Margaret F - Pittsburgh, PA (4/13)

I recently had a pelvic and abdominal sonogram done and would like to share a few words with you.  The ultrasound technologist, Amy was not only professional and knowledgeable, but was very compassionate and caring towards me.  I have had many test done throughout my life and never encountered anyone like Amy.  She is the best!!

Amy is such an asset to your facility-you have a true "gem" in Amy.

Janet K - Braddock, PA (5/13)

I wanted to thank you [Lori] for "fitting me in" to your schedule.  A huge thank you to any of the staff that may have been inconvenienced by my addition. 

Mary F - Pittsburgh, PA (8/12)

I would like to extend my appreciation and thanks to your office and especially to Nicole for her great efforts in helping me to receive a copy of my records.  I was having extreme difficulty trying to coordinate everything with FedEx, however, with Nicole's great efforts, I received them the next day.

Sally G - Harrisburg, PA (8/12)

I really can't thank you all [Maureen, Melissa and Amy] enough for helping me through my appointments in your office these past few weeks.  You are all such compassionate and kind people and made such scary appointments much less scary!!  Hopefully on my future appointments it will only be routine and happy occasions.  God Bless you all.

Kristin B - Pittsburgh, PA (1/13)

I just wanted to thank you all [Dr. Ward, Dr. Bohm-Velez and Dr. Chang] for all of your compassion and expertise in diagnosing me.  As you all know what a complete shock all of this is.  I can't thank you all enough for taking the time out of your busy schedules to answer questions and take my phone calls.  Your staff has also been extremely kind, friendly and helpful.  I'm ready for my next step and can only hope I encounter such wonderful people moving forward.

Kristin B - Pittsburgh, PA (1/13)

You [Dr. Chang] were a great comfort to Chris and me. Thank you for that and your skill and professionalism.

Edward G - PIttsburgh, PA (1/13)

To all of the office staff (South Hills office),

I just want to thank you all for your help in the past few weeks.  I was so amazed at how quickly you got me in for my initial appointment.  I also appreciate the help scheduling appointments and obtaining records. You have all been so kind and made this much easier.

Kristin B - Pittsburgh, PA (1/13)

I want to let you [Dr. Chang] know how grateful I am that you were thorough in your examination with my recent mammogram.  I came in for a routine mammogram and have been coming to your office for nearly forty years.... because the tests are read while you wait, and I am not a person who can wait for a phone call days later.  I recommend your office to everyone and will certainly continue to do so.

Without your persistence I would not know where I would be next year at this time.  Thank you for being the doctor that you are.

Mariruth C - Verona, PA (1/13)

As I've recently passed my one year anniversary since I last met with you [Dr. Straka], I find myself called to write and express my heartfelt gratitude to you for questioning the results of my mammograms and ultrasounds during my January, 2011 appointment.

I just wanted you to know how very VERY much I appreciate your diligence and attention in performing multiple exams the day I was at your office and comparing the results to my prior films.  You are the one who detected my cancer at such an early stage that I honestly soared through the illness and recovery almost unscathed.  While I am happy that I no longer require annual mammograms, I am sad that I won't have the opportunity to see you again during those visits.

Lastly, I give glory and praise to God for guiding your mind and eyes and I thank you, more than words can say, for your skill and frankly, for saving my life.

Deborah B

Reflecting on my health care experiences since my annual mammogram, I'd like to thank you [Dr. Bohm-Velez] and the staff for being kind, straight forward and thorough. I was professionally transitioned from mammogram, to sonogram, to biopsy.  This certainly lessened the stress that would have resulted had this occurred on multiple days.  Having you notice the change in my mammogram from one year to the next made all the difference for me.  Thank you!  I certainly will recommend this office of Weinstein Imaging.

Faith F

I just want to say that this ultrasound was the BEST ever!! I finally got a diagnosis after many doctors, a million tests and 4 years of trying to figure out what was wrong. Thank you so much!!I can truly rest easily!!!

Beth C - Pittsburgh, PA

I want to share a very special thank you to each of you [Dr. Chang, Jennifer, Jackie, and Mickey] for all the wonderful care that I received last week during my visit.  Each of you made a stressful situation very educational and calm.  I so appreciate your professionalism, knowledge and concern.  I was blessed with a happy outcome and I appreciate all your time.

Inez F - Oakmont, PA

I have thought often of you [Dr. Ward] as the journey through breast cancer has progressed.  Your care was outstanding and I have often thought about what a great communicator you are.  It was most reassuring to have such thorough guidance through the biopsy procedure.

Your care was so nurturing, that it made a great difference.  I am most grateful to you.

Mary L

I just wanted to thank you [Dr. Bohm-Velez] for your kindness and assistance during my recent "trauma".  Your knowledge and persistence addressing my case is much appreciated.  Also, thanks for your prompt call regarding the good news on my MRI and your outright happiness that things were looking good!!

Elaine R , (4/12)

This is to thank all the wonderful staff who was working on Tuesday, March 20th.  I am grateful for your kindness and caring during my stereo biopsy, making a stressful time a little easier.  You made me comfortable before, during and after and your explanation of what was going to happen was very helpful and calming.  Thanks also to Dr. Chang for first explaining my situation and Dr. Bohm-Velez for doing the procedure.  Everyone's professionalism and caring was greatly appreciated.

Debbie R , (2/12)

Thank you for taking such good care of me.  I was very scared, but you made it much more relaxing.  All of you are very caring.

S Smith

I would like to compliment you and your staff at Weinstein Imaging.  On my recent appointment both of the women who did my mammogram and ultrasound treated me with kindness and respect.  As I was awaiting my results I was extremely nervous and an employee named Karen walked by and noticed how I was feeling.  She took the time to stop in the doorway of the room where I was sitting to see if I needed water, then she started a comforting conversation.  I received wonderful results.  I was so touched by the compassionate care at your facility over the years, that I have been a patient, I thought it was time I expressed my gratitude.

With thanks,

Diane D

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate your [Dr. Bohm-Velez] help and guidance while going through my breast cancer.  I am happy to report I am doing well (you told me I would do fine) and need no further treatments or meds after undergoing a mastectomy.

Your grateful patient,

Joan G

This comment was included in an email to the organizers of a community Health Fair, when she saw that we were participating in the event:

Weinstein Imagining is a topnotch organization. Ive gone to them for mammograms for many years.

Esther G - Pittsburgh, PA (10/11)

This is a commendation for Chris [receptionist].  Chris is an outstanding employee, in that she informed me of the office hours, patiently repeating this information more than once.  Chris possesses outstanding interpersonal skills.  She is knowledgeable regarding requirements for the tests and explained everything thoroughly to make sure I was comfortable.  She didn't rush me which made me feel so secure.  I knew I was going to the right place for the tests. She explained how I needed to prepare for the tests and approximately how much time it would take and worked around my schedule so that it was convenient for me.

She is an outstanding performer and I would like to recognize her for going above and beyond.  Chris, thank you for your hard work, compassionate attitude and dedication.

Diane (9/10)

I need to say thank you.  I know that if you [Dr. Bohm-Velez] had not been so diligent during my mammogram in May, my medical outcome would not be as positive.  Thank you so much for your excellent care and concern.

Betty (9/10)

I want to sincerely thank you for everything in getting my yearly mammogram on July 15th in the South Hills Office on Cochran Road.  I have had 2 surgeries and a couple of "scares" over the past 38 years in regard to breast procedures. 

Your staff has been "wonderful" to me in making me feel calmer from the time I enter the waiting room, getting the mammogram and waiting for the results.  Needless to say, I am pretrified of this procedure and always feel like I make a fool out of myself every year because everyone can see how upset I get.

Thank you for your treatment with your patients, especially for having the doctors on staff to read the report almost immediately after the test is completed.  I always request Dr. Ward when I make my yearly appointment because she has seen me through alot throughout the years.  She has always treated me with dignity and seems to understand my position in the process.

Believe me when I say that I have visited many doctors offices throughout my life with not only me, but my family members too.  There are so many office people who do not treat you very nice, and the patient ususally ends up crying.

Keep up the good work and THANK YOU for making your patients feel like the special people that they are.

Maryann (7/10)

I would like to thank you [Dr. Bohm-Velez] for your high professionalism, experience and thoroughness.  I would like to thank you for the bottom of my heart for being able to detect my breast cancer early enough, when it still was stage one.

I would like to wish you good health, happiness and many more patients whom you are able to save from this terrible disease. Would you please thank your staff for their patience, friendliness and cooperation?

June 2010

Thank you for the expert care I received at Weinstein Imaging.  I was dreading having a biopsy done after microcalcifications were found during my last mammogram, and came to Weinstein Imaging for a consultation.  I was very nervous, but you were all so kind and reassuring, which took away alot of my apprehension.  You [Dr. Chang] took the time to explain the process and answer all of my questions.  I was blessed to have the results so quickly and the good news that the calcifications were benign.

Thank you so much for making a dreaded experience such a positive one!

Mary Ellen S - White Oak, PA (5/10)

I am writing this thank you note to your office to acknowledge the wonderful care that I received on my visit on May 3rd, 2010.  Getting a mammogram is usually stressful enough for a woman.  However, when I arrived at the office I was also suffering from a migraine which adds to the stress.  Your receptionist recognized immediately that I was not feeling well.  She suggested that I wait in a quiet room by myself where she could also turn down the lights.  At first I resisted, but I knew she was right.  While I was in there she came and got my paper work and even came back another time to check on me.  I also waited again in that small room to get my results from my mammogram.  Placing me in there didn't seem to be a problem for anyone, even Janise who did the mammogram.  I can't tell you enough how much this extra amount of TLC helped me.

May 2010

I wish to thank you for a job well done.  My early breast cancer was discovered due to your diligence and excellent diagnostic policies.  When I arrived for my yearly mammogram, I did not suspect a problem.  After I answered your written questions, I started to think there may be some thickening in my left breast.  I mentioned this and was sent to ultrasound after the mammogram.  There was nothing unusual in the left breast, but thanks to your procedures, ultrasound was done on my right breast where a small malignant tumor was found.  The tumor did not show on the mammogram!

I am especiall thankful to Dr. Bohm-Velez and to Lorraine, who was very thorough with the ultrasound exam.

Sheila S - Allison Park, PA (2/10)

I recently had a BSGI at your Shadyside office.  Jackie, the technologist is to be commended for the way she explained the procedure as well as her professionalism.  Dr. Bohm-Velez did an amazing job explaining the results of the test to me and in a way I could understand.  Thank you for providing the women of the Pittsburgh area this diagnostic tool and for both Jackie and Dr. Bohm-Velez's concern for their patients.  They are to be commended.

Lynn Y - Imperial, PA (11/09)

Thank you for the caring way you treated me during my mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy.  You helped me to better cope with my fears during a stressful time.  I truly appreciate your kindness and professionalism.  May you be blessed with peace and grace in the new year

Tina M - Pittsburgh, PA (1/10)

This was a letter written by a patient to her gynecologist and forwarded to us:

"As a follow-up to my letter ... last year concerning my mammogram experience at [deleted] Hospital, I wanted to bring this issue full circle after having my mammogram for this year at Weinstein Imaging Associates today. Two words: exemplary and personalized... I hadn't been corralled into a room full of women. It was actually explained to me the type of breast tissue I have and what it takes to get a good picture. The sonogram wasn't just a machine whirling behind me while I watched the eyes of a stranger determining if I had cancer but not speaking to me. And the doctor didn't take me into a room, three hours later, with rows of my x-rayed breasts staring at me from all angles while I waited through her explanations just wanting to hear the words 'You're all right.'

"This is a new beginning for me. No longer will I start to worry about my mammogram six months before the date. No longer will it occur to me during my family's vacation in June that in two weeks I'll have to go 'there.' No longer will I have to swill a bottle of Tylenol for hours and days after the mammogram. And, most importantly, no longer will I have that gut-wrenching fear. That's a priceless gift I received today at Weinstein."

Pam K - Plum, PA (7/07)

"Just want you to know how very much I appreciate the care you {Dr. Bohm-Velez] gave to me while doing my needle biopsy. Your confidence and your sweetness meant so much to me. I was going through so much stress with everything at that time ... Again, thanks for being you!"

Darla C - Belle Vernon, PA (9/07)

 "If I had to have this experience, I am glad it took this path. A special thank you to Dr. Straka, Dr. Chang & you [Dr. Bohm-Velez]! Your staff is also very helpful & caring. I was blown away finding out that I had breast cancer, but 'you guys' are top notch. I cannot express my gratefulness enough for your honesty, professional manner & caring. Thank you."

Sharon M - Boswell, PA

"My visit to the Shadyside office was great! I had a mammogram and the new BSGI- It was effortless and Dr. Marcela was awesome- I felt confident in her- she calmed my nerves and showed a genuine concern. ... thanks to all there...

Francie K - Pittsburgh, PA (8/07)

"Your staff was superb!! They were as kind and helpful as they could be, especially for squeezing me in on a busy Friday afternoon. They did the tests and confirmed that [the lump in my breast] was a cyst, and it would need to be aspirated. When you [Dr. Ward] came in to do the aspiration, you shook my hand, greeted me and explained what you were going to do. You asked if I had questions. You were so kind and gentle -- and not in a hurry (or if you were, you did not show it!).

"I just had to write a note of thank you to both you and all you staff. I had never been to your office before, but I will most definitely be back for my annual exams. I cannot say enough how kind you and your staff were to me. In this day and age, that is hard to find."

Patricia T - Eighty Four, PA (11/07)

"The biopsy at Weinstein Imaging ... was painless, but more importantly, I felt safe every step of the way. The staff treated me with kindness and patience, even when I moved when I should have been lying still! Dr. Bohm-Velez made me feel as if I were part of the team instead of a slightly anxious and clueless patient. When she called about my diagnosis a few days later, I felt a bit rattled. I am not really sure how I reacted, but Dr. Bohm-Velez didn't seem rushed, although I am sure she had other things to do. This was important to me and gave me a couple of minutes to take it all in."

Anne-Marie W - McMurray, PA

"The ENTIRE staff at this office is so professional; but they are also so personable and I appreciate THAT too!"

Carole S - Butler, PA

"This is just a little note to most sincerely thank you [Drs. Ward and Bohm-Velez] for diagnosing my breast cancer on your mammogram, for the quick biopsy, and for then choosing a surgeon for me. All were performed in a most efficient, caring way. At most certainly one of the most fearful times in my life, you handled matters so well. I have never had a mammogram at any other facility. I believe yours is 'number one.'"

Nancy B - Latrobe, PA (6/07)

 "I am writing this note to just say thank you for the caring and patience everyone showed me at your office. I had to have a few images taken and a sonogram and another image taken. I was quite frightenend. I must write to tell you than Sandra (the lady who did the sonogram) and Maureen [the mammography technologist] were absolutely wonderful in their treatment of me ... so understanding and patient when I was quite scared. They helped to make it less scary and were so kind to me. Please tell them I appreciate this kindness as well as the doctor's explanation of everything to me."

Norma D - Pittsburgh, PA (5/08)

 "I was a patient at Weinstein Imaging today and wished to convey my thanks to your fine staff. Everyone I encountered, including the friendly and helpful receptionist who greeted me, the kind and very competent technician, Lorraine, who conducted my ultrasound, and, of course, Dr. Chang, ever caring and professional, helped to put me at ease. I am most appreciative of the treatment I received."

Arlene W - Pittsburgh, PA (9/07)

 "Thanks so much [Dr. Straka] for your kindness at my mammogram appointment... Your courtesy and concern were greatly appreciated."

Joanne R - California, PA

"Many thanks to you [Dr. Ward], Maureen [the mammography technologist] and the two Amys [the ultrasound technologist and medical assistant] for your excellent comprehensive exams and for fitting me into your schedule when I also requested a biopsy. It is a comfort to receive your personal attention to a problem."

Mary B - Toronto, OH

"Last Friday I received my annual mammogram at Weinstein Imaging. I have been a patient there for over 20 years. And as previously, I was treated with the utmost courtesy and kindness. What a super staff you have! Somehow you all manage to make an unpleasant even more tolerable. I am, as always, indebted to Antoinette [the mammography technologist] for her professionalism and ability to put me at ease. Kudos to Suzie [the receptionist] for her superb 'telephone manners.' Keep up the good work!"

Barbara G - Pittsburgh, PA

"I wanted you to know how much I have valued the type of care you have given me all of these years and especially during the last two years while I have been recovering from breast cancer. The BSGI test I had last week was the BEST in the world to relieve any anxiety that things could still be going on. The person who did the test was wonderful and I always love Dr. [Bohm-Velez's] reaction when she gets as excited about the good news as I do. I highly recommend this test as I feel the peace of mind you get is so worth the anxiety before. This office is so sensitive to patient's needs and is so professional that it is hard for me to understand why anyone would go anywhere else. Again, thank you for your continued support and dedication to my good health. (p.s. feel free to put this on your website so others can read it)"

Rachael R - Pittsburgh, PA (9/07)

"Mickey [ultrasound technologist], Dr. Chang, Lori [medical assistant] & everyone at Weinstein Imaging,

My husband and I don't know how to thank you enough for the kindness you showed us with our ultrasound last week. I can't even begin to tell you how much it meant to us that my husband could see our son before leaving for his tour of duty in Korea. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Kim F - Pittsburgh, PA (3/08)

"I cannot thank all of you enough for going out of your way to squeeze me into your already busy schedule on Friday... I was scheduled to undergo a mastopexy the following Monday... and had you not been able to see me, the whole thing would have been cancelled. It was a great reminder to me how one good deed can have a whole ripple effect. And I am now just 2 wks post-op and doing fabulous! Your facility has always treated me so well all these years, but that kindness of 2 wks ago will never be forgotten. My deepest thanks."

Carol W - Pittsburgh,, PA

"Due to a past surgery and radiation, recent mammograms have been inconclusive. When the new advanced digital mammography still did not provide conclusive results, Dr. Bohm-Velez recommended an additional test utilizing a new technology called Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI).

"The procedure provided conclusive results (and a sigh of relief!) that there were no cancerous cells in hidden areas of dense breast tissue. I would urge anyone with an inconclusive mammography result to take the test if recommended. The BSGI test was relatively painless (a brief needle prick in the arm) with a gentler version of the traditional mammography that is administered while you are sitting in a chair. The best part is that it allows the Weinstein team of experts to establish a new baseline to compare to future mammograms and sonograms. Additional BSGI tests are only needed if there is a change from the new baseline. Many thanks to Dr. Bohm-Velez, Pam the BSGI guru, and the consistently wonderful staff at Weinstein's for your excellent care and continual dedication to keeping up with the latest technology and methodologies to provide the best medical care and peace of mind. Thank you for treating me as a person, not a number, and your many kindnesses! "

Ruth B - Pittsburgh, PA

"I went to an have an ultrasound of an axilla lump while I was pregnant. I was worried to say the least to find a lump while pregnant. But my experience at Weinstein Imaging made the situation easier. After the ultrasound, in which a cyst was found, it was decided I needed a mammogram and a biopsy of both the lump and the cyst. These procedures were done that day with minimal waiting and the utmost care and sensitivity. The efficiency of the entire office and the ability to do those procedures immediately eased my mind because it minimized the amount of waiting and uncertainty. I really appreciated the care and compassion I received from every single person who worked at Weinstein. Furthermore, I was contacted personally by the Doctor with the results in less than a week. I couldn't recommend this place more!"

Sarah A - Pittsburgh, PA (8/07)

"I had a stereotactic core biopsy done at your facility. I just want you to know that even though it is not a procedure I enjoy, your staff made it as painless and non-traumatic as possible. Dr. Ward talked to me before the procedure to make sure I understood what was going to take place. She answered all my questions and did not make me feel pressured in the least... All in all, though not something I would want to do every month, the procedure was not traumatic and it was because of your competent staff and their caring compassion."

Eleanore K - Sewickley, PA

"Thank you for seeing me so quickly for my spot compressions & ultrasound. Your staff made me feel very comfortable in a very scary situation. No wonder Dr. Poutous speaks so highly of your practice... I will be coming back, along with family members, for our annual screening."

Michelle T - Monroeville, PA

"Thank you so much [Dr. Straka] for finding the small lump in my breast & insisting that I go to a breast surgeon. It was indeed cancer. Maybe you saved my life."

Judy B - Pittsburgh, PA

"I would like to sincerely thank you for taking the time today to do my 10 wk sonogram. It just meant the world to me and I can't begin to express my gratitude. The kindness and compassion you showed me today will always be remembered. I will recommend your services to anyone & everyone! Thank you again!"

Sarah W - Pittsburgh, PA (6/07)

"I owe you [Dr. Chang] all my 'gratitude' for finding a cancerous tumor in my breast... If you can recall I am the 'frightened' patient who left your office before I allowed you to do the biopsy, only to return within the hour, remember? You were so kind and understanding, but most of all firm and direct about the present situation. Your eyes told me what I didn't want to hear or do. Thank you for reaching me and helping me face my fears."

June C - Bethel Park, PA

"I wanted you to know of the kindness of the techs. They could not have been more helpful and friendly. What nice people you have working for you. Thanks so much."

Virginia M - Pittsburgh, PA

"Thank you for providing such a pleasant experience rarely found in medical offices these days. From your caring office staff, to your warm and inviting decor, to the 'little touches' like a soft robe to dress in and a reminder card that is sent to us to remind us it's time to schedule another visit, these are the experiences that set your office apart. You run an efficient organization that you should be proud of and that others in the medical community can learn from."

Malori A - Pittsburgh, PA (3/08)

"I want to thank all of you at the South Hills office for making me so comfortable and feel so at ease. Your office is wonderful. Dr. Bohm-Velez was super. I was having a medical issue and I had an appointment within 2 days. That is unheard of in this day and age. I will recommend you to everyone. Your customer service is fantastic."

Sue R - Weirton, WV (9/08)

"It is one year this week that I was in for my mammogram. I needed to have a mastectomy in February and am doing well. Thank you for bringing a little extra to your jobs. They are extremely important ones."

Judy R - Pittsburgh, PA (12/09)

"Thank you so much for the prompt & professional service that I have received in your South Hills & Shadyside offices! I needed an utlrasound for a palpable breast lump after a routine exam on May 23rd. Karen at South Hills was able to schedule me the very next day. Excellent! Dr. Ward was able to reassure me, but suggessted a BSGI exam to be done. Calling the following Wednesday at your Shadyside office, Denise was able schedule me on Friday afternoon. A bonus! Antoinette ... performed the test in an informative, professional & relaxing matter. Pam & Mickey who did a further mammogram & ultrasound were also very nice. My husband & I appreciated the thoroughness & kindness that Dr. Straka & her staff showed us on May 30th. We had our anxieties relieved with your excellent services in one weeks time. Thank you all so much! The Pittsburgh area is very fortunate to have your expertise!"

Maureen R - Pittsburgh, PA (5/08)

"I want to express my thanks to Dr. Straka. Having an anxiety disorder makes going for medical procedures difficult. Dr. Straka always takes the time to talk to me and answer all of my questions. I feel she values me as a person as well as a patient. Thank you for being the caring professional you are!"

Ruth B - Pittsburgh, PA (5/08)

"Just a note to thank you [Dr. Chang] for your kind & diligent care in diagnosing my breast cancer. Undoubtedly your meticulous attention to detail afforded me a very early pick-up & a good prognosis. I've finished surgery last week & am trying to live a normal week or two before starting chemo & radiation. But I wanted to let you know how much your efforts & manner were deeply appreciated."

Eileen R - Pittsburgh, PA

"I am so thankful that a friend recommended Weinstein Imaging when I was frustrated & anxious, waiting 10 days for my mammogram results. The woman's center no longer had the staff to give immediate results & the atmosphere was becoming increasingly more impersonal & clinical. From my 1st phone call to Weinstein, I couldn't believe how friendly & helpful the receptionist was and this continued on my 1st visit. Although no one looks forward to their mammograms, the staff could not have been kinder, more professional or more reassuring. Knowing that you will have your results immediately, speak to the radiologist and have any additional procedures makes this a much better experience. I can't believe how many horror stories I now hear from friends about scheduling delays, waits for results, waits for further testing & general poor treatment. I tell everyone about my great experience - in fact, my sister has already scheduled her appointment.

"My sincere thanks to Lori [the medical assistant] and Dr. Bohm-Velez who were great! They could not have shown more concern or been more caring."

Simone V - Monroeville, PA

These are some of the comments that were left for us on anonymous feedback questionnaires in our offices:

"Love the new office! Everyone is always pleasant & courteous. I appreciate having the radiologist on site so that a return trip is not needed."

"I have always felt very comfortable here. Treated with respected & dignity."

"The office surroundings are very comfortable, non-institutional. Staff friendly yet professional. Appt scheduled quickly. Thank you."

"Everyone was friendly, fast and professional. Office space is also very nice and comfortable. It is always a nice surprise to be treated well in a doctor's office! You all do a great job!!"

"X-ray technologist was very informative and helpful. She took the time to explain a bone density exam and the steps I need to take."

"There is a warm friendly atmosphere, along with quiet competence. Thank you."

"I have always had a positive experience in terms of service provided - cordial, timely, comfortable surroundings & available parking."

"The office is run so much more efficiently than Magee, where I used to go."

"I love the new office. It reminds me of a spa! The exam robes are soft and the lemon water is refreshing! Very nice and comfortable during difficult exams."

"I can't put into words how pleased I was to be scheduled so quickly and how wonderful the staff is!"

"Your staff, professionalism, facility, & skills are excellent. This is why I drive 3 hours to come here. It makes a yearly appt pleasant."

"Your office is so nice! The staff is very professional and understanding. The office is clean. Thank you for great service!"


These are patients' comments that were forwarded to us from the American Cancer Society Mammography Voucher Program:

"I really love going to Weinstein Imaging for my mammogram. Every person I come in contact with was so positive and reassuring about the process."

"My recent mammogram at Weinstein Imaging was very thorough. Everyone in the office was very professional and understanding. They made me fell very comfortable and relaxed."

"I can't say enough about how well I was treated, how excellent the care and service were and how proficient everyone was in my care and testing."

"The mammogram itself was uncomfortable cause the machine squeezes your breasts. But the doctor was very very informative & nice."

"Everything went well. Staff was kind & friendly. Appt's accommodating!"

"This was the first mammogram I ever had & I was pretty nervous! The people at Weinstein Imaging were extremely nice and the tech went over everything before she started. They were really great!! And making an appt & calling to get the voucher was really easy."

"The staff at Weinstein Imaging Associates are always very professional when assisting clients. They keep a very clean and calm atmosphere. They are helpful when you have questions or concerns."

"This was my first experience with Weinstein Imaging. They were very nice & explained everything about what they were doing. They took care of you promptly & gave your films prompt attention & your report on the spot."

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